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Are you a fan of Breakthrough with Tony Robbins on OWN TV?

It was historic television. Week after week, through April and in May, Tony pushed people to take the next step and commit themselves to transformative action. The results were spectacular. And the show’s participants were not the only ones who changed their lives forever.

Breakthrough (and Tony’s multiple appearances on Oprah’s Lifeclass) were steps on a journey of discovery for hundreds of thousands of people. But really, it was an awakening, and just the beginning. 

The next step is to join Tony at noon Pacific, Thursday, May 24, 2012 in a Google+ Hangout. This is Google’s live, interactive chat. Tony will use this platform to chat live with fans – maybe with YOU – right from your computer screen, about your own breakthroughs!

You’ll take away wisdom and insights that will expand the possibilities, give you a renewed sense of strength and power, and enable you to actually extend the breakthroughs you’ve already made in your life.

Do you want to be one of the lucky participants in a live conversation with Tony? Tell us about your breakthrough (be concise!) in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter — and use the hashtag #AskTonyRobbins.

Then come to Tony’s Google+ page here and follow him – and be sure to visit his page on Thursday, May 24 at noon Pacific to see the live conversation!

This is an incredible opportunity to connect and hangout with Tony one-to-one, and to extend the life-changing journey you started by watching Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. We look forward to seeing you there!


  1. I was really inspired from what you said in your videos.. I am the case who’s got the tools needed and the goals but not able to apply them because of the idea that I’m punishing myself for procrastinating since the start of 2013.. I know this is crazy, but this is what I’m passing through and nobody is actually getting me for how I’m feeling.. I need help.. thank you Tony! You’re awesome anyway!

    Lara on May 5th 2013
  2. Hey,
    I wish i could go to one of your seminars.But $800 is like a fortune to me!! Dont even know what we will eat this weekend. I watched as much as I could on youtube from you, but I dont know how to applie it to my life, which is pretty messed up….

    Sally on September 30th 2012
  3. I don’t know much about what it is that you exactly do, but let me tell you about me. I have a 12 year old son that I have raised without any real help from his father because he is too busy drinking, doing drugs, and pimping himself out over the internet. Recently he has become almost obsessed with you and your “program”. He claims that he works your shows and is a “firestarter”. I’m not sure if there is any truth to that. What I do know is he owes me $16,000+ in child support arrears and traveling and attending your conferences cost a lot of money. If you are suppose to be empowering people you are failing him. He should be empowered to be a real dad and spend time with his son. He should be empowered to get a job and set an example for his son. He should also feel empowered to support his children and not his drug habbits. Just saying!

    Branda Bendixen on July 14th 2012
  4. I hope OWN continues to feature Tony’s shows. Laura Daltry, Sacramento

    Laura Daltry on May 31st 2012
  5. Tony certainly is a needed antidote to the dismal portrait of the world we’re bombarded with in newspapers, etc. Laura Daltry, Sacramento

    Laura Daltry on May 31st 2012
  6. Tony, I think it’s really fantastic that you’re making yourself available on google+ to interact with your fans and following. Your work has inspired me and has a major influence on the concepts that I continue to share with my following. Please let us know if the recording will be available as I was not able to attend the hangout live. Thanks for all you do!

    – Carlos

    Carlos Marin on May 30th 2012
  7. Hi Tony! I’m going to be honest I had heard your name before but I did not know who you really were on to the last week. I do not even remember how I came across your video. I think I was just on youtube trying to find a video to inspire me to do homework.. you see i have been down on my self lately. Im 25 and I just rejoined school for the fourth time and was already seeing the same result.. i was failing.. but i came across a video of you and You moved me in a 30 min video. Next thing i knew i felt alittle better when i though about the point you made in that video. I currently do not have the money to buy the ultimate edge, but I am trying to find things I can sell to raise the money to buy it. I down loaded the free track from ultimate edge and it sparked my brain I want to learn more from you! Your audio helps me understand myself. I watched my first video of you last sunday one week ago today and since then I have watched/ lisened to 8 hours of you.. lol I want to know more.. I want to come to a seminar so bad it hurts. But I live in Florida.. just 8 hours of you and It made me realize I want to change. Not have to.. I want too.. I just needa little help on how.. That from just 8 hours imagine if I had more.. I even watched your google+ session from last week.. And The whole time i was there i wished I could pick you brain.. your work is amazing..


    Jason Frye on May 27th 2012
  8. Hi Tony and your wonderful team.
    I would like to thank you, since 1 month now my business partner and I decided to buy the Ultimate Edge to help us to focus on our business and also our personal life. And since then we make few breakthroughs, we realize we were not focus in our projects we were in a reacting mode so we started to elaborate MAP and since 2 weeks we decided to hire a Tony Robbins coach and Sophie (our coach) is really helping us to fullfill our goals everyweeks. It’s amazing how we are changing our minding in our business. My question is: we are in business since 5 years and we are only 2 of us and sometimes we can be a bit discourage, overwhelmed even if we are very focus and we are having great tools how can we keep our energy high?

    Genevieve on May 24th 2012
  9. My brain is my greatest breakthrough. It is the highest gift I have received from God. I have succeeded every time that I have efficiently used it and failed every time I have used it in a lazy way. I am delighted to discover the brilliant breakthroughs that my brain is going to unfold me in the future. My brain will bring me any result I want as long as I learn how to use it. I train my brain, exercise it and expand it every day.

    Nunzia on May 24th 2012
  10. Sorry, but I can’t be brief! Too many breakthroughs.
    After reading Unlimited Power in 1992, specifically chapter 10 on Energy, I decided to take the 30 day challenge and become a vegetarian and see if that made a difference in my energy levels. Although, I didn’t think I would be able to do it, I celebrated 20 years as a vegetarian last month and it has made an enormous difference in the quality of my life! That was the beginning of many positive breakthroughs that I can trace back to reading this book. I also stopped drinking alcohol in 1994, cut way back on processed foods, and eliminated dairy and later wheat and eggs, as I discovered I have allergic responses to them. Making each subsequent change was easier because of all the other changes I had already made.
    After reading the book, I knew I had to go see Tony Robbins live and do the Firewalk. I was already an adventurous type, and had been skiing since I was 16, rock climbing since I was 19, and had quit my job as a Wall Street analyst to cycle across the US in 1991. I thought walking on fire would be a cool thing to add to my list.
    A year later, I saw Tony Robbins in NYC at his one day Sales training program, then two months later went to my first UPW and firewalk. It was amazing! I immediately signed up for the first Mastery University and attended Skills of Power with Bob Bays two weeks later, and Life Mastery in Cancun two months later, in August 1993. With some of my favorite authors being there, I had to go! I then went to Financial Mastery in 1994 in Palm Springs, CA and Date with Destiny in Maui in 1994, and later Financial Power in 1996 in Ft. Lauderdale.
    Just before Life Mastery in August 1993 I started the New York Power Team with some people I met at UPW and Skills of Power, so that I could have a master mind network of like-minded individuals as my peers. Many of these people became my best friends, and we are still in touch after all these years! I changed who I was associating with to get better results in my life. The New York Power Team has continued to run under different leadership since 1993, and today is stronger than ever! Next August we will celebrate 20 years! In 1995 I relocated to Florida, and started three Power Teams, in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale/Plantation, and West Palm Beach! I am still in touch with some of these people, including a Platinum Partner from Wellington, FL who has become one of my best friends.
    Along the way, I also studied NLP and hypnosis, becoming an NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, studying with Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, John LaValle, Kenrick Cleveland and Doug O’Brien, among many others! I also learned about meditation, and learned TM, and saw Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Krishna Das and others! Prior to reading Unlimited Power, I was not nearly as broad minded, and was much more focused only on business and finance.
    While at Life Mastery, I met with Stanley Mason and Paul Pilzer (until 7 AM when Paul had to fly back to NY) for some in depth conversations, and later had lunch with Stanley Mason near his lab in Connecticut. I had recently completed an MS in Real Estate Development at NYU, and had been looking for a job in commercial real estate. I had worked with a developer for a year who was bidding to take over the Chelsea Piers on the West Side of Manhattan, but we did not win the auction, and I was searching for what I wanted to do next, and was exploring several opportunities in Real Estate, but it was a very difficult job environment due to the recent S&L crisis.
    Through a business partner, I had recently met some Russian scientists from Moscow, who had some interesting technologies, and we started a company to patent and commercialize their innovations. (I spoke some Russian, having studied it in High School, and had recently been to Moscow to help a friend with another business.) I built the original management team with people that I met directly or indirectly through UPW, Mastery or the New York Power Team!
    We had many successes, and raised more than $50 million dollars for the company, secured a global distribution agreement with the largest dialysis company in the world (with more than $6 billion in annual revenues) and ultimately developed a device for the treatment of blood purification, with many applications. These include the treatment of kidney failure, severe burns, pancreatitis, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and most importantly sepsis and septic shock. I got to travel the world and met with some extraordinary leaders in multiple areas, including thought leaders in science, medicine, politics, business, and venture capital and private equity investment, including members of the Forbes 400, a US President, Vice President, Senators and Congressmen.
    Because of the many struggles and setbacks through the years, I left the company 8 years ago, but have closely followed their progress and stayed connected, and worked behind the scenes to introduce them to strategic partners and potential investors, with limited success. They have continued to pursue the vision despite many adversities.
    Last March, that company finally received regulatory approval as the first ever device to treat sepsis and cytokine storm. The market potential for this device is blockbuster (in the billions of dollars), as sepsis is the 11th leading killer in the US, and there has not been an effective treatment that impacts mortality(until now). They just reported their first ever sales, and are just beginning to build a sales force in Europe.
    Last year I got involved with the NY Power Team again when the previous leader relocated to California. I had been away for many years because I was working on building my company. Recently I crewed UPW again in NJ for the first time in about 6 years, and met some people there, and am now involved in building several new companies, including a distribution company for the medical device in emerging markets, a 100,000 SF indoor sports facility in New York State, and am investigating an alternative energy technology for future commercialization, with some partners who are experienced in that business.
    It all started with reading Unlimited Power and making the decision to go see Tony Robbins live! Thank you Tony for all you do for so many people for so many years!

    Frank Clark on May 23rd 2012

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