How to Lead an Extraordinary Life: The Three Pillars of Progress

The Three Pillars of ProgressWe’ve all witnessed someone who seems to have mastered the ability to grab life by the horns and realize their most cherished desires. You may even experience a similar joy—at least occasionally, if not consistently. However, getting what you want is one thing; being conscious of how you’re doing it is another. So the question is: What creates an extraordinary quality of life?
The details of what we really want—joy, love, passion, fulfillment—are going to be different from person to person, but we’re all after a certain quality of life that will truly make us feel alive. This is not dependent on the economy or any other outside factor. What’s most important is living life on your terms. For most people, a successful life is based on two things:

1. The Science of Achievement: The ability to turn any dream into reality or to produce any result.

2. The Art of Fulfillment: the ability to find joy in the process of whatever life brings; the power to understand and appreciate our lives at the deepest level. The Science of Achievement is the destination, and the Art of Fulfillment encompasses the meaningful experiences along the way.

Once you define what an extraordinary life means to you, how do you make it reality?

Whether it’s creating outstanding health and vitality, attaining the competitive advantage in your business, deepening your relationships or taking your finances to the next level, there are three common elements to making any vision reality.
Instead of willing all your problems to disappear, create the life you want, a life of your own design. Implementing the Three Pillars of Progress is the key.

The Three Pillars of Progress for an Extraordinary Life
III. Unlock, Align, Integrate! → II. Get the Best Tools / Map / Coaching for Results → I. Get Focused and Clear
  • Ask yourself: What beliefs, goals or values may be in conflict?
  • Re-align your psychology so you naturally take action in the direction you desire most.
  • Celebrate your achievements and pay it forward.
  • Model others who have already achieved the ideal result.
  • Get a proven map: a step-by-step plan that moves you to take consistent action.
  • Measure your progress.
  • Have a coach, mentor or someone you respect hold you accountable.
  • Get a clear and compelling vision.
  • Have strong reasons to follow through.
  • Have total honesty about where you are.


  1. Great article with oustanding advice. Creating a clear and compelling vision is truly key. You must nuture and sustain your dreams with constant action and dedication.

    Karlsrule Consulting on June 28th 2013
  2. So happy I found You! Thank you Anthony Robbins for your “gift” today.

    Ellen Pavlakos on June 24th 2013
  3. Your experience and openness is always inspirational. 3 words come to mind when I go through the three pillars: Gratitude; Collaboration; Radial Honesty (actually that’s four words isn’t it [smile] ) Thank you Tony.

    Julie Hauritz on April 14th 2013
  4. Tony,
    After studying your work, It has open my eyes and mind. Your words of wisdom helped me find myself and what I enjoy the most. Which is speaking to help people. If given the opportunity to have you as my mentor. WOW, Just the thought. Tony, as your apprentice I would be your best student and carry on your teachings through out the world. Either way, I will speak and continue to study your work.
    Thank you for the impact you have created in my life. I have set out to create a positive impact as you have.

    Seeking to be “The Why Guy”

    Daniel on April 8th 2013
  5. Excellent, just the tony gem I needed today! Thanks!

    Melissa on April 8th 2013
  6. Tony
    From reading your material over time I personally have developed and had more success at work, my side business and with communication with people.
    Today I am actually better able to express myself better and share ideas in a positive manor which has begun to drastically improve my life. Promotions, money and more!
    There are so many tools and answers in front of us if that if we just open our mind and develop, we come to realize there are boundless opportunities.
    I looked at my failures and also overcame many bumps in the road through positive outlook.
    I also have vision and truly know where I want to go and have put the steps in motion to get there.
    Steve Schellert

    Steve Schellert on March 26th 2013
  7. Good piece……..truly a eye opener………..I now have the three(3) pillar as guide to achieve my goals………Thank you Anthnony Robbins……Good one.

    SMITH NWOKOCHA on March 19th 2013
  8. Go for it!!!

    Jose diaz on March 18th 2013
  9. Great formula. I like the idea of have a coach to hold you accountable or just to process things with along the way.

    Carmelita on March 18th 2013
  10. Having a coach/mentor is a “must.” This allows you to feel confident as you move forward. They show you a step by step logical way to success.

    Sue McDonald on March 18th 2013

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