Winning At Online Dating

1 in 5 couples meet today online (at least if you believe the ads) so more and more these days your online dating profile is your first introduction to potential mates. Like everything in life – from relationships to leadership to sales – knowing what persuades another person can be a key advantage towards success.

Online dating coach, Eric Lercara, has boiled down the 6 key things you need to have in your online profile to attract the right kind of attention:

“After reading hundreds of books on psychology, philosophy and attraction, I’ve come up with these six fundamentals. I strongly believe they need to be conveyed properly if you’re going to get a date…”

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What’s your best online (or offline) dating story?


  1. TYVM you’ve sovdle all my problems

    Elyza on April 12th 2011
  2. It helps if you are friends. I think that if you can find women online or off that you have things in common with, can laugh a lot and not take one another too seriously then it is a good begining. If you sit back and wait may or may not happen. Go out and look and talk, but look for someone you have good times with and the romance and long term partner may follow.
    You need to remember – You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince ( I don’t know the male angle on that – maybe a lot of sleeping beautys)
    but its true

    Lorraine on April 7th 2011
  3. This maybe is off-topic. But I am just curious, how does everyone get their girl of their life? I have not really been searching a lot because in some way my friends gets it very easy on the internet. Personally I dont like to find women online because I feel it’s too unpersonal and not the best way to open up. I have no friends what so ever in my age that is single. So I dont have a wingman. But would people in the pubs/clubs see me as a crazy dude if I just try to find a wonderful woman? Or is my best solution to just wait for the right moment to find the girl in my life?

    Thankful for answer!

    Dennis on March 23rd 2011

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