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  1. Tijan
    Sep 17 - 5:12 am

    Greetings family’s
    Trust is the foundation of Lability and happiness love everything in life
    Love and respect comes first with trust

  2. Gina
    Aug 10 - 8:00 pm

    I’ve never had anyone articulate in such detail the thoughts, steps and emotions on how to improve myself…take myself to the next level. Tony, your ability to instill movement and capability as well as ownership to others through merely a media connection is astounding. I’ve listened to your tapes from my recent purchase and the humbleness of your character, the tone of your voice and the savvy of your insight has actually awakened me and reminded me of what I am made of and who I am as an individual. I have accomplished specific goals in my life for which I am proud of, although I still have others to achieve. As you have been told so many times, you are amazing.
    p.s. I cannot tell you how often I have laughted when you “yell” about doing the assignmemts…I think that in and of itself woke me up. Your unique approach has touched so many….I am blessed to have been among the many. I will stay the course — and look forward to your seminar in Jersey in November.

  3. Navid Sakhai
    Aug 07 - 4:32 pm

    On the 3rd part you said “This does not make these behaviors a part of our identity. Rather, they are momentary lapses or unique attempts to meet our needs in the moment.” which is true, but I tend to disagree here!
    Our behavior have tow sides, conscious and unconscious. and unconscious part have a deep impact on how we operate throughout the day. when we are questioned or facing anxieties and etc. it becomes so hard to act rationally and our habits which had been built up deep in our unconscious mind take control of the situation and we react on the immediate feeling we have in the moment. of course when the tension is gone we are able to think rationally again and re review what we have done and (mentioned in 4th part)correct what we had done wrong.
    But those immediate reactions are a part of our unconscious identity, which we just don’t know about. So we can use those moments of impact to indicate what flaws we have deep inside of our personalities and by knowing what is going on in our unconscious mind we can begin to engineer our personality to reach the identity we desire to have.

    By the way it was a very useful and convincing article, thanks.
    Be victorious.

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