The 5 Stressors That Can Condemn Even the Most Loving, Passionate Relationships,PART 1

Here’s Part 1… we’ll send you Part 2 tomorrow!

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  1. I really love to hear you both together about relationshipss… I really do recognize myself in what Sage says, how she reacts, how she feels sometimes and I can feel the complicity between the two of you. Inspiring for me. I really had a huge relationship with a man who was already engaged. We were living very close and we met one night at the resto bar of the little town where I spend my summertime in the country near the ocean. He was and still choose to stay married. At that time, I refused to see him, had already someone in my life and two years later, we saw each other again and at the end of the summer, we felt deeply in love… He asks to meet my family, came here where I live in Canada to visit me. He and his wife were leaving in two different houses, two different places… Finally, he decided that he didn’t want to quit his family – although his childrens are adult now – didn’t talk to his wife about us… I respect his liberty, his choice… and it has been very sad for us to stay away from each other… For that reason, because of what I’ve lived with this wonderful person, I can understand how what you’re saying about relationships and why it is so important to make good choices. We don’t talk but we’re connected to Skype all day long together… completely crazy !!! Thank you both for you precious advice…

    Renée on March 19th 2014
  2. I’m kind of wondering why this info is so popular? There’s like a hundred thousand on ask search. Whats really happening? At least it’s not pasted from somewhere else like other sites.

    Vernia Barban on July 18th 2011

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