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  1. Just viewed your video on the debt, EXCELLENT explaination Tony! Thanks!

    Tom Staab on June 15th 2012
  2. i want to change my life

    jamila on May 26th 2012
  3. Dear Tony.
    I love your work and I wish I some day will be able to join one of your live seminars. I was hoping to join your upcoming shown i London because it is close to Norway, but I now had to give up the dream due to my financial situation. I would do anything to join the seminar, so I could have a chance to find the power to cope with life again. I am 38 years old and I have big problem coping with my anxiety and fears. It controls my life and it makes it very difficult for me to work and function in my every day life. I have lost my house and all my savings due to my lack of courage to deal with the fears and anxiety. I keeps me from being able to work full time. I have had anxiety for over 15 years and last years I suffered a massive heart attack that nearly killed me. I went through a quadruple by pass operation and got an serious infection after the operation. It has been hard to cope with all the setbacks and challenges. I have been very close to giving up on life many times and I am still struggling very hard to keep up the will to live. I should be so happy to still be alive and that I got a new chance to live, but with my anxiety and fears I find it to much to handle. A few month ago I was so lucky to find your book “Unlimited power” that helped my through some very hard times. I found this website and got a free session with one of your coaches that really opened my eyes. That problem is that my financial situation is so bad that I have no possibilities to purchase a coaching program. This feels so frustrating because this is really something that could “save” my life now. I see all the people you help through your programs and seminars and wish that I will be able to enjoy the same feeling some day. I watched the Lifeclass on Oprah, It was great! Hope you do more of this;) I would love to be able to live a life that is not only filled with overwhelming fears and anxiety, so that I would be able to appreciate and enjoy life like I did before I got the anxiety and heart problems. I want to be able to give my family what they need and to give them back what they give me, by being a braver and stronger husband, father, son and brother. I wish they could be proud of me and feel safe and taken care of. I have bought two of your books and they have helped, but I feel it is just to hard to handle it all by myself.I have no more strength to build my self up again. I need someone to help me find my way. If you need a test subject in London…I am game;)
    I would do anything to be able to live an easier (more fearless) life.
    Thanks for showing so many people including myself that there is hope!
    Wish you all the best in London.

    Espen on May 12th 2012
  4. i have watch you on net and you are the last hope on earth for me i am 28 years old and very disappointed in this age i am struggling very hard as a teacher in pakistan.i am not able to convey my true feeling to anybody like anger, love i am extremely serious gay people dont like to stay with me plzzzzzzz help i am very disappointed.(through news letters)

    rais on May 10th 2012
  5. Liked your input on the economy. More needs to be said about the situation we are in as a nation. In all reality the debt has gotten to big to solve. The interest we are going to have to pay will eat us alive. I hope I am wrong and there is a solution.
    tks again, it was good.

    Robert Hansen on May 4th 2012
  6. I saw you on piers Morgan and was wondering if you do any pro bono work. I have been suffering from anxiety-depression for 30 years and have seen many doctors. I am on many medications and don,’t know where to turn as I still am engulfed by this disease if you can help me it would be a miracle. I am 67 almost 68 and want to live the rest of my life free of anxiety and depression. I live in Atlanta Georgia. If you cannot help me perhaps you can recommend some . Thank you foot taking the time to hear my problem. Sincerely Patricia Freiman

    Patricia Freiman on April 20th 2012
  7. Awesome!! I will try to call in! It’s so amazing…that’s exactly how I got started with Tony over 15 years ago! I was watching QVC and he came on. I had never heard of him before. I bought Personal Power II that day. Now over 15 years later, I’ve done every program (multiple times), been to many events, and now I’m a Robbins Madanes Certified Coach and dedicating my life to paying forward the gift that Tony and Sage have given to me and my husband.
    There are no words that could possibly be enough to thank Tony and Sage for who they have helped us to become and the magnificent love and passion that they helped us to create…which is beyond our wildest dreams!!! Love you Tony and Sage!!!
    Stacey Martino

    Stacey Martino on April 19th 2012
  8. I went to UPW 8 years ago and purchased The Utimate Edge on Qvc. Since then I changed careers making over 100,000 a year. I lost 75 lbs and have kept it off. I am 61 and last year walked 60 miles in the Susan G Komen want to celebrate turning 60. I crewed at UPW a few years ago. I love Tony because he changed how I feel about myself.

    Jaci Stone on April 19th 2012

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