Stressors & Solutions: Your Escape Plan from Anxiety

Workplace stress + timeIn our professional lives, most of us have some kind of time management system—schedules, lists, an inner clock of daily routines—but how many of us have stress management systems? That is, systems for anticipating and eliminating the triggers of our anxieties?

Remember, it’s in our basic nature to be happy. The thing that makes us unhappy is living in reaction to stimuli from the environment, constantly converting them into causes of stress. What system can you rely upon when this happens? How can you alter your state and surroundings to become stress-resistant, so that, like Teflon, stress won’t stick to you?

Let’s say you’re a businessperson who lives on the road. How could it transform your life if you kept a suitcase—filled with clean clothes, a billfold of money, toiletries, everything you need— packed and ready to go, weeks before a trip is required? When the call comes from your company to travel, you’ll be ready. Rather than getting knocked around by stressors, you’re in charge because you’ve anticipated the obvious and created a system that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Research has shown that most people don’t anticipate stress. Instead, they only cope with it. If you made a list of the things that really bug you, you could certainly re-engineer what you’re doing, or the way you’re doing it, so that things would run more smoothly up front. This is called a fix-it-forever system: creating an ergonomic design for your life by eradicating the little things that cause stress.

ScheduleTake an area of your life that typically causes you stress—travel, work interruptions, your children’s behavior, for example—and then list the specific situations or triggers that set you off. Now, brainstorm every possible way to preempt conflict, so that this problem would now be “fixed
forever.” A system can be a new set of principles, like teaching your secretary that each day between 1 and 3 PM is your blocked time when you take no calls—a time for creative focus or solving challenges you would otherwise bring home.

If you want to speed up the process of finding a system that really works, model yourself after someone who’s getting your desired results and who isn’t stressed. Ask them how they’re doing it, and do the same. Want to find more time and use blocking more effectively? Visit //

“Tony Robbins epitomizes all of those things that anybody who really is looking for something different, something better, something bigger in their life [could want]. He epitomizes all of those things that I think people aspire to be.”
—Pat Riley, Hall of Fame NBA Coach


  1. Hi Tony, thank you for sharing such a good article, I’m sure most of your readers,like me, can relate to this one.

    lynne on April 2nd 2014
  2. Thank you Tony for being such an inspiration. Just the thought of you makes me feel strong! Please come to New Zealand so I can see you live :)

    Ani on March 14th 2014
  3. Anthony is a person that I feel good about! I feel like I have always known him. God bless people like you and like us!

    Robert Hanrahan on October 23rd 2013
  4. I awoke the giant within, created mass action, everyone around thought I was on a different planet.
    Today, although things are trending up, I have lost the fire that burned bright?
    Maybe my core vales haven’t aligned with what I have created?
    How do I keep the pilars that support all this from crumbling?
    The energy is gone?..
    Mr Robbins, just give mre one sentence that will re ignite the flame?i
    I have unfinished business .

    Carl D on September 13th 2013
  5. You are my mentor, Tony Robbins! You get quoted a lot by all of us. Who in sales could not listen to you? I have bought several of your programs throughout the years and it has helped me so much!

    Barb Beatty on July 14th 2013
  6. I have been under the influence of Tony for over 20 years. I have raised 4 children (my greatest achievement thus far) married for 34 years, and acquired multimillion dollar portfolio, as well as having multiple successful businesses. For me I think the greatest gift that came through my association with Tony is the appreciation of the moment. Being so present that I never have to escape my life. I love it – warts n all. I lead an extraordinary life and always looking for the edge that I can improve me every day – not others, not have things, but to be more happy and certain in who I am knowing THAT effects all things. =)

    Roz Bishop on April 15th 2013
  7. I listened to ur audio book in 1998 and help me till today

    Balraj on April 14th 2013

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