Steve Jobs on passion


  1. This topic is very helpful for change of life. I m so much gratitude for Annthonny Robbins.!

    Nabin Rana on August 20th 2013
  2. i don’t have a comment for whatever you’re currently “analyzing”.. Just wanted to say thank you, I suppose. am reading “..giant within ” book, (half way through) and really hope i can actually do something with all this .. eventually.thank you mr. robbins.
    stella g

    stella g on August 4th 2013
  3. Nobody like him Master Innovator and Motivator

    Francisco Gerardo Reyes Acevedo on July 31st 2013
  4. Very inspirational. I shared some Steve Jobs wisdom in a recent article and look forward to studying his ideas more in the future. Such a great success story.

    Cecil Wampler on July 31st 2013

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