Reasons to be Unreasonable: The 10 Fundamental Powers of Extraordinary Leaders

Leadership is about progress: It’s the ability to make things happen, maximize resources and inspire. It’s the capacity to create an environment in which people thrive and results are achieved. It’s the extraordinary quality that solves problems and gets things done.

Ultimately, leadership is the ability to significantly influence the thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors of others. Here are The 10 Fundamental Powers of Extraordinary Leaders that allow them to have massive influence with those they lead:

1. The Power of Vision: Your vision must be larger than yourself, larger than the moment. Leaders embrace what moves them, transforming these inspirations into clear visions of what they must (rather than “should”) achieve.

2. The Power of Unreasonable Expectations: To receive the ultimate rewards, you must live by the ultimate standards. Leaders are unreasonable men and women who refuse to be bound by the past, while reserving their most unreasonable standards for themselves.

3. The Power of Conviction: The quality of your life is in direct proportion to your ability to deal with uncertainty. Leaders confront uncertainty with their own internal certainty, an absolute conviction that they will not only withstand, but conquer any situation.

4. The Power of Connection: True leaders have an uncanny ability to care and connect, which comes from thoughtful interactions and understanding the motives of others.

5. The Power of Passionate Communication: To inspire others, you must first be inspired. Inspiration is channeled through bold and heartfelt communications that express your high standards and convictions.

6. The Power of Strategic Innovation: Leaders constantly innovate, anticipating the road ahead and staying ahead of the trends. They know that strategic innovation is a daily habit, something that needs to be part of the daily culture of the group or organization they lead.

7. The Power of Action: Leaders are bold. They are men and women of action. Action does not come out of conversation; action comes out of a change in psychology, mindset and physiology. (Ultimately, it’s a change in emotional state.) Also, leaders have the power to get others to take action and do things they wouldn’t normally do.

8. The Power of Truth: The truth penetrates—it has power. Leaders tell themselves, and everyone with whom they interact, the truth.

9. The Power of Character: Leaders are responsible, consistent, courageous, loyal and fearless. They learn from their mistakes and use these lessons to make progress and get results.

10. The Power of Giving: Ultimately, no man or woman is happy unless they have found a way to contribute beyond themselves. They’re not giving to be acknowledged—they do it because it’s right.

All outstanding leaders—quiet or boisterous, famous or unknown—exhibit these traits. By integrating these powers into your life, you will inspire yourself and everyone around you to see, attain and exceed your goals. Find you’re falling short of your goals because you “don’t have the time”? Get the laser focus of a leader at //

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  1. You are so inspiring this is Great Wisdom. Sounds like my sister Linda Wilson she is a great leader like you Tony.

    Laura on April 29th 2013
  2. An excellent post as usual from Team Tony!

    Ravi Moosad on April 29th 2013
  3. 5. I am a meat seller, I drive to peapole homes and sell meat. When I started I thought that I cannot do it that I am bad at communication, but one day I drove my citroen berlingo and remember how Tony drive in his volkswagen and condition himself and try that and it worked :) I now that if you are depressed you cannot sell anything, but how to get to the passion state in one moment as Tony did…That was very valuable for me and important..Thq Tony!

    AndrisKalnejs on April 28th 2013
  4. I hope to attend one of your courses. I have been a fan for over 27years.

    Elizabeth McDonough on April 27th 2013
  5. please send these emails to my email address also. My husband shared the above email with me and I enjoy reading the blog

    radha gattu on April 24th 2013
  6. Amazing inputs this will be implemented and executed at the best of my efforts. I WILL DO IT. THANK YOU

    Umashankar on April 24th 2013
  7. Your point about the power of truth, really resonates. Truth for me is about authenticity. Leaders must be able to have an honest picture not only of their teams capabilities but also of their own as well as areas where they fall short.
    Truth and authenticity is about being able to listen as well as speaking and about being emotionally self-aware. Sheryl Sandberg makes this point in her book ‘Lean In:’ ‘…effective communication starts with the understanding that there is my point of view (my truth) and someone else’s point of (his truth). Rarely is there one absolute truth, so people who believe that they speak THE truth are very silencing of others.’

    Octavia on April 24th 2013
  8. 2,3,4 then 7,8 and 9. are the ones that drove my best start up.

    Jeff on April 24th 2013
  9. Love this! Inspires me to push harder in leading!

    Susan on April 23rd 2013
  10. Awesome wisdom as usual. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Tracie Davis on April 23rd 2013

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