No trust? Maybe it’s Hormones…

Scientists have discovered that key brain chemicals, mainly oxytocin and testosterone, may have  a profound effect on if people feel trusting or untrusting, both in business and relationships.

“It may seem strange that there is a hormonal influence in such a delicate calculation as to whether or not to trust someone. But perhaps trust is so important to a society’s survival that natural selection has generated a hormonal basis for it.” Continue reading…

(Without hormones) what is one way you’ve built trust in your relationships?


  1. I have have a person we were getting married, and her ms went through the roof, she has had metapause also the last three years. But her missions on her brain seem to put her in skitsafrnic visions, seriously she is calling people and yelling at people, and cameras are in my house ,did I know that I love what can I do, she has no one that will or is not afraid to tell her. I did jana you need help, your seeing and hearing people say things that don’t exsist. But she said I was one of them. Who do I call ? State ment ward, hospital

    vince stalder on October 11th 2011
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