Let Intuition Be Your Guide

The saying, “going with your gut” should probably be more along the lines of,  “going with your brain” as researchers start to unravel exactly where that feeling of intuition stems from. They found that as our brains take in information we start to spot patterns of behaviors, events, causes, results and other repeat situations. Our brain takes these patterns and files them into logical groups in a process called chunking. When we use our intuition to help us come up with the answer to something what we are doing is accessing chunks that relate to the situation in question and using the pattern information stored inside them to judge against the pattern in the present.

“Over time your brain chunks and links more and more patterns, then stores these clusters of knowledge in your long-term memory. When you see a tiny detail of a familiar design, you instantly recognize the larger composition—and that’s what we regard as a flash of intuition…”

Read up on when and how to use your intuition

Is there a time you remember your intuition being right on?


  1. Just saw your post on FB re how an achiever sees problems:
    I agree with you Tony and I aman avid follower BUT this all goes to hell when you discover your wife is cheating on you. The pain and despair, especially as this is the second time it has happened, is just too much to bear. I do feel like my whole life is over. What do you say to that?

    An achiever never sees a problem as being pervasive, that is, that one problem controls their whole life. They always see it as, ‘Well, it’s just a little challenge with my eating pattern.’ They don’t see it as, ‘I’m the problem. Because I overeat, my whole life is destroyed.'”

    — Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within, p.84

    Andre on October 14th 2012
  2. I’ve learnt to trust my intuition after a time where it was very strong and when I ignored it I had something really bad happen.

    One thing I find as I let go of more stuff with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) I get more intuitive and am suddenly inspired to take certain actions, and these are usually the actions that get me the best results!

    I also used to do security, and I learnt that my intuition was nearly always right, when I thought or said “this guy is going to cause trouble” nearly every time it was right. So I learnt to trust that.

    So I believe it is part experience and part letting go of what is stopping you really trusting this intuition!


    Ben on April 7th 2012
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  4. Thank, I found this greatly helpful…to now channel my intuition more better

    Thomas Idowu on April 14th 2011

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