How to Create a Breakthrough: The Three Critical Elements

What is a Breakthrough?

It’s a moment when everything changes—when what seemed impossible suddenly becomes possible, and you no longer settle for anything less than extraordinary. Breakthroughs are the reason people succeed and companies thrive, no matter what’s going on around them.

There are literally thousands of triggers, but a lasting breakthrough requires a change in one or all of these elements:

A New Strategy

A better way to do something that changes the result overnight. Most people think of success as simply a matter of finding the right strategy by itself. If you’ve ever thought about making a change, from growing your business to shedding a few pounds, you know there are a million strategies out there—some good, some bad, all claiming to be “the answer.” But all those answers beg the question: If it’s that easy, why aren’t we all living lives of mental, physical and financial wealth?

Strategies are an important part of success, but they’re only one-third of a much bigger equation. The real problem is often the second element…

Our Story

Our personal narrative often keeps us from finding the keys that can help us to be most effective and transform the quality of our lives. We all have stories about why we can or cannot achieve something.
Strategy, Story State
When you change your story, you change your life. People who succeed don’t develop stories about why they can’t do something. Their stories are about how they will achieve their goals, no matter what. With an empowering story, individuals tend to find effective strategies. To get to that empowering story, however, we have to deal with the final and most important element of all…

Our State

The psychological and emotional state we are in at any moment in time tends to shape our story. We all develop emotional patterns—moods—that filter how we look at our lives. The states we go into most then become the most powerful filter of all. This filter determines whether or not we find the strategies necessary to succeed and whether or not we come up with a story that will empower us.

Only after your state and story are truly aligned with your desired outcomes can you identify the strategies and make the decisions that will lead you to success. One moment is all it takes: With a new state, a new story and a new strategy, life will never be the same again. Create your breakthrough now!

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  1. I’ve read this article on states and the one on identities. I understand we have more than one identity (by expanding them) and if we haven’t learned about them all or a disempowering one that already exists in our blindspot if one could unknowingly be building an empowering state for their disempowering identity thinking they are only working on their empowering one? Hopefully this makes sense? I’m curious? I feel that I have been doing that until I recently discovered a victim identity that I’ve been carrying around with me.

    Cathy on August 5th 2013
  2. Great article thanks Tony. With trading financial markets your article helps explain why a few people with the same trading strategy win and most lose. Strategy is only 1/3 of the equation like you say. Cheers Rach

    Rachel (TraderRach) on March 12th 2013
  3. Tony you are so awesome. Keep inspiring everyone!

    Karen Aranda on March 7th 2013
  4. Great as always Tony. You are my mentor, my hero. I follow everything and every piece of info I can get my hands on. Thanks for all you do and give to the world.

    Angela on March 7th 2013
  5. Thanks Tony for this information, are illuminating.

    Giovanni on March 7th 2013
  6. thank you again Tony for this free session,,I realy need it right now,,as a Caregiver for my Mom I have reach a level of Burn-out,,I love my Mom, she is so helpless,,I am sad most of the time,,and sometime feeling guilty,,that is all I do in my life,,caring for her,,,Janet,,,

    janet marois on March 6th 2013
  7. great as always,

    willie prophet on March 6th 2013

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