Goodbye to Chet Holmes — ­ An Extraordinary Friend and Business Partner

While I am deeply saddened to announce the passing of such an extraordinary man and my business partner at Business Breakthroughs International (BBI), Chet Holmes, I also want to honor him as I will forever be touched by his brilliance and insatiable hunger for being a force for growth and good.

Chet’s family and I as partners are going to continue to touch lives, transform, and turnaround businesses taking them to a whole new level.  We will also continue to touch the lives of people with the BBI organization.

I would like to share with you a letter that Chet shared with me on Father’s Day this year written by his own son. This letter says it all on what his father was like, and what a great man he was. It touched me so deeply I shared it with my friends at Business Mastery and I want to share it with you now, as it’s the best tribute to him as it’s coming from his own son.

Rest in peace, my eternal friend.

One of the Strongest Men in the World

When I was younger my father had a Batman costume and he wore it for Halloween. Once he told me he was actually Batman and I believed him—after all he’s a fifth-degree black belt and he taught me martial arts. He taught me how to kick from the hip, he taught me how to punch because speed is power, he taught me how to break boards with my bare hands because it’s all in your mind. And sometimes during the middle of the night he would borrow my B.B. gun and go to battle with the raccoons that were constantly trying to get into the house. I used to think my dad was one of the strongest men in the world.

When I was younger we lived in a house with a pool. My father used to throw all the neighborhood kids from the shallow end all the way to the deep end. Kids would line up to be thrown—it was like being launched from a cannon. Sometimes my sister and I would grab onto his shoulders when he swam and he would just drag us all across the water in the pool. We have an old photo of him in the pool with six kids climbing up on him—three on each arm. I used to think my dad was the strongest man in the world.

Then when I went to college my dad got sick. I’m pretty sure we visited every wing on the hospital since that time. Today he was too weak to even stand up without help. I had to put his arm over my shoulder so I could pull him up to his feet. Later I sat by his hospital bed and thought back over his massive battle of the last ten months and I thought of something—my dad has to be one of the strongest men in the world.


  1. I recently learned of Chet Holmes passing. My condolences to his family and close friends. I never met the man but I was on several of his conference calls and/or webinars and I purchased his excellent book “The Ultimate Sales Machine” back when it first came out around 2008. It was through Chet that I heard about the “core story” concept. Chet was an excellent teacher of sales and peak performance strategies. I enjoy watching and learn a great deal studying his material on YouTube. One thing I regret is having missed out on meeting Chet when he invited me to the premier of a film that he wrote and produced. That was one lost moment way back when. I’m sure the world is a better place was Chet having been here. Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the Life: he that believes in me though he were dead, yet shall he live.” John 11:25

    Carlton Pruitt on November 6th 2013
  2. Wow! I just found this out!! I am shocked and stunned. Chet was one the the finest human beings I ever met. We did some very creative work together and I am at a loss for words. In fact Chet and I were working on a Living Legacy Project we were intending to bring to your attention but only when ready. It is now ready and I discover what happened. I am still shocked!! Talk about a tremendous loss!!

    Tom Cormier on October 29th 2013
  3. Some of the lessons he taught me at the ultimate business mastery program I will always remember and treasure.

    James on October 4th 2013
  4. I am also deeply saddened by the news of the passing away of Chet Holmes. He was my teacher, mentor, hero, and friend. He was like a bright star that shined in the dark midnight sky; a torch that lighted the way for so many people in the business world. Chet has made such a big difference in my life and the life of millions of other people throughout the world.

    I agree with Anthony that you are truly a force for good and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to know you and learned from you. You are a blessing from God to the world. May you rest in peace! You and your family will continue to be in my prayers. And may God bless Amanda with her new leadership role in the company. I also like to thank Anthony Robbin, another great legend and hero of our time for his great work. I dedicated August 12th of every year to Chet Holmes by lighting a candle and offer a prayer for my teacher and hero.

    Brandon Triton on September 5th 2013
  5. I am sorry to hear the passing of one of the greatest business consultants of all time. He probably has helped and his teachings continue to help 1000’s of small to large businesses around the world. After learning about his core story concept, I used it to help 100’s of businesses in Bangalore, India. He has made the most impact in my life in terms of business development education. His teachings will pass on from generation to generation. May my mentor rest in peace.

    Mahendra Ramakrishnan on April 18th 2013
  6. I met Chet in Fiji while attending business mastery. I was most touched by his tenacity and self belief.

    steven doletzky on April 3rd 2013
  7. Chet Holmes was one of my mentors. I was introduced to his work through Jay Abraham Super Strategy Summit. His material was so effective, but more importantly strategic. To this day, I still used his methods. Thank you Mr. Chet Holmes. May you RIP.

    Bobby Ellis

    Bobby on March 27th 2013
  8. I am so sad it hurts throughout my soul.
    I have listened to Chet every morning for the last
    two years. I ordered the Masters Series 3.0.

    It has changed everything in my businesses and life in a incredibily possitive way.

    He will alway’s be in my heart, giving me strength
    and courage!

    I will pray for him and his Family.

    Good bye my Friend and Mentor,

    Frank Carman

    Frank Carman on March 19th 2013
  9. What a terrible loss. He was talented, a visionary, and had the right heart to do this type of business. Next to Tony Robbins, he was one of my role models on offering the types of services and ideas that I want to be.

    Coach Hughes

    Coach Hughes on March 5th 2013

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