Fox News Retracts and Corrects False News Statements Regarding Firewalk

We are grateful that after researching the facts, Fox News made a rare on-air retraction and correction of their previous erroneous news reports that were unfortunately used as a source for so many false stories around the world.

Here’s what Fox and Friends Steve Doocy said on the air this morning, Aug. 8:

“During a recent segment concerning a Tony Robbins’ Fire walk experience in San Jose, California, we reported more than two dozen participants were hospitalized with burns. Well a few of the 6,000 received minor burns akin to a sunburn, they received on-site medical attention and continued to participate in the event. None were hospitalized and there were no reported third-degree burns.We understand news reports to the contrary were inaccurate. Now you know.”

We hope if you know people who have the incorrect information you can point them to these facts or the story in the Huffington Post where the writer also actually checked the facts and clarified that the stories about the firewalk were inaccurate.

Wishing for you all the best!

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Tony and the RRI Team




  1. Hello,
    I am from bangladesh.After reading your post I am thinking that it a how dangerous the fire is!!!!!!!!

    firewalking on December 17th 2012
  2. Fox News is the only station to cover the
    Benghazi terror attack Semper Fi

    Coach Wally on October 30th 2012

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