We all agree that debt is not good thing. Yet here in the United States, we face a massive and still-growing national debt. What can we do about it? That’s an open question.

It seems that for every dollar of the national debt—over $15 TRILLION of them to date—there’s a different, often politically driven and controversial plan for getting the U.S. back in the black. Do we raise taxes? Slash spending? Carrying a $15 trillion debt is unsustainable. We have to do something, so how do we mitigate the bad effects?

Left, right or center, there’s another point on which we can all agree: Regardless of our political leanings or from which “side” we approach the issue, we’ll have zero success unless we take the time to appreciate the full extent of the problem, to understand how truly—almost unfathomably—big $15 trillion really is.

In this exclusive video Tony, takes a fact-based look at the debt crisis and offers a common sense solution. It’s all true—and truly eye-opening.

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  1. I think this is a bit strange, where is the revenue from the Income and Business tax in this equation. There has been real comments from people in high power and media positions, this seems like an Obama battering too me. I am not a US citerzen nor live in the US but the world economy revolves somewhat around what happens in the US. I watch Tony regularly and if this depics the level of debt and not running cost as it states the world has some real issues to deal with. Like Tony says small difference will make the difference and changing buying and consumer confidence will change this around. Lets all keep positive, success and growth will resolve most of the issues here. Keep pushing people never let negativity win over. Live with Passion and Intelligence.

    George on September 1st 2013
  2. Could someone get an 8 year old to explain this to Joe Betz?

    Scott Severin on April 30th 2013
  3. We could make a huge dent in our spending by reducing the amount federal employees make to the same levels of salary and benefits in the private sector.

    Fred on March 19th 2013
  4. heres where most of our money has gone and is still going


    Michael on January 24th 2013
  5. I was assigned to watch this video for my economics class. I was expecting to be bored to death. To my surprise this was an incredible explanation of the debt problem in the USA. Thanks for surprising me! :)

    Chantal on January 22nd 2013
  6. Tony, Is there some reason why you don’t wish to use the taxes already being collected to cover at least two thirds of the $3.9 Trillion in projected spending? You’re trying to cover all spending projected by the Government with your cock-eyed sceme and it just isn’t necessary! How about doing it right and then we’ll see if every thing is as hopeless as you make it out to be.

    Joe Betz on January 21st 2013
  7. I loved this video… it was very eye-opening. In fact it inspired my most recent newsletter article on the 2013 economic forecast. Thanks Tony – this was awesome.

    Dean on January 10th 2013
  8. This was a great idea I agree with this idea outright . I Want to be successful to , Get success is my First and formost Goal .

    Mr, Snow on January 8th 2013

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