Creating Real Magic! A marriage proposal that shows how to never settle for ordinary in your relationship!

Watch the story of how one young man got the girl of his dreams—and set the bar extraordinarily high for the world’s would-be grooms in the process!


  1. love is important maybe parfüm is batter

    parfüm on January 12th 2013
  2. At 50 yrs old… I could only dream of something like that… made me cry.. so beautiful, and I wish them every happiness xoxo

    Sharon Turner on January 6th 2013
  3. This is incredible, this guys playing at a different level.

    Leighton on October 16th 2012
  4. Totally awesome! I need to show my husband this. Maybe he’ll take the hint!!!

    Sarah Compton on August 25th 2012
  5. What a Lucky be sooo loved!! Very Romantic and Very Creative..Luv It!! Best Wishes!!!

    Tuesday on August 21st 2012
  6. that’s great, i love it

    Kayode on August 19th 2012
  7. wow awesome video :-)
    big emotion in just a few minutes…

    Rentier on August 11th 2012

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