Beauty can be found at any age!!!

So many people have concerns about life in the future when they age. Take a quick peak at the trailer for this beautiful up coming documentary. The beauty of aging…


  1. You are so good in what you do. I am so touched by this video. And anything really is POSSIBLE! I am going to keep reading your book, Awaken the Giant Within, over and over again and recommend it to my friends. Thanks!

    Hazel Fernandez on May 16th 2013
  2. so inspiring thank you for sharing this i would love to see it all
    just wonderful!

    Liz on May 5th 2013
  3. That is so beautiful and inspiring!!

    Charlotte on May 27th 2012
  4. My husband and i are reaching 50 and both of us reconize this change coming over us, not just the gray hair but something deep inside. We were wondering what it good be. It feels like “We Made It!. Now what? I said lets really have fun, and show the world who we really are. Can i dress funny now? let my hair go gray and love it? This film clip really helped us, thank you

    Elizabeth on February 25th 2012
  5. I was truly inspired by these ladies and I do not want to miss any opportunity to live life to it’s fullest. My Beloved Mother died too young with her illness. But I have the will of God to do the right thing now and forever to become the happiest person alive. Thank you.

    Ramona Vertiz on February 22nd 2012
  6. Just what I needed tonight!… Earlier I was reading that a woman at 45 years old or more, may as well forget it, especially in romance… I thought, “No way!” So many women just give up! The beautiful women in this film make my case. They choose to live life, & I join them, my heroines, & choose to live Life to its fullest, as well!

    Nancy on February 21st 2012
  7. Can’t wait to watch the whole film! This reminds me of the wonderful documentary called “Young at Heart.” I recommend people to watch it. Aging starts at birth and is just part of life. We start getting older from day 1!

    Jann Freed on February 14th 2012

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